4 Smart Bike Safety Gadgets you will need in Nairobi

Kenyans from all walks of life are slowly starting to embrace cycling as a way of among other things keeping fit, commuting to work, and for a smaller group professional cycling. Cycling is held in high regard in developed countries especially in Europe and Asia. These countries have embraced cycling as a professional and recreational sport so much that they have set up their cities to make it enjoyable for the riders. This in turn has helped in reducing traffic jams and keeping most people actively engaged thus contributing to their overall physical and mental well-being.Click here for more info

In Kenya however, cycling has not been fully accepted as a mode of transport for people commuting to work. A few people are ardent cyclists and they have managed to convince quite a number of people to use their bicycles everyday instead of driving. Another group that is growing by the day is the group of organized cyclists who have formed clubs that are active mostly over the weekends. These groups organize cycling events outside town once in a while mostly for recreation and charity.

It is quite dangerous cycling in the streets of Nairobi. There are no designated cycling lanes and matatu drivers are very rude on the roads. They rarely accord cyclists any respect making it a very big risk. Just a few weeks ago, the cycling fraternity commemorated the 1st anniversary of the death of one of their own who lost his life on Thika road after he was hit by a matatu.

Gadget manufacturers have tried to make it a bit safer for cyclists worldwide by manufacturing some gizmos aimed at preventing accidents on the roads. Today, we want to review some of those accessories.

1.OxyLED Tail light

This is rechargeable high performance LED bike light featuring 8 super bright taillights, and 2 laser safety warning lines. With its waterproof design; it would be a good attention getter for your cycling at night or in harsh weather conditions. Click here


-Power supply: 100v-240VAC 50/60 Hz input

-output: DC 4.2 V 500Ma

-Battery:3.7V 14500 rechargeable Li-ion battery

-working time; continuous working about 6 hours

Call/WhatsApp -0795717078



70% of fatal cycling accidents happen at night due to lack of vision. Don’t become another sad story.

These bike potholes on our roads could damage your expensive bike and therefore every bike needs quality light. The Divine bike light attaches in seconds with no tools. The light uses three AAA batteries. The light is compatible with Mountain, kids & Street bicycles.Click Here

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  1. Arm Wear Back Mirror.

This is a new concept that has the potential of being revolutionary. The Arm band is designed for cycling

use, wrist wear, easy to watch rear sight. It’s a Convex type mirror with a diameter of about 5 cm,with a crystal clear view. The mirror is made of synthetic resin, unbreakable for safe biking. Click Here


-Comes with inside pockets for small carryings.

-Detachable Mirror

-Washable wearing device

-34 grams net.

Call/WhatsApp -0795717078



This is an Ultra Bright Tail Light,USB rechargeable bike light ,waterproof LED flashing safety rear light for cycling in the dark. Click Here


-The light has 5 lighting modes and red and blue lights in one tail light. It is easily controlled with just 1 press button to switch Red light and Blue light.

-It has a USB rechargeable lithium battery.2 hours of charge time automatically charges the light fully.

Call/WhatsApp -0795717078


This is definitely not enough to make our roads safe for cyclists. It will take much more than this to make everyone to use a bicycle to work instead of using a car or taking a matatu.We need a change of policy and attitude to make to make this work. We need dedicated lanes for cycling and harsher penalties for people flouting road rules if we are to achieve this dream. If majority of Kenyans embrace cycling, perhaps even the chaotic traffic snarl ups will be a thing of the past, and we will have ‘leaner ’nation.

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