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Phone Camera Lens

Phone Camera Lens

As I was doing research on how the phone camera lenses work, I realized that many of us don’t know or are having a hard time figuring out how to use the phone camera lenses. Many of these mobile phone accessories hardly make sense and this is why some of us who are enthusiastic about using our mobile phones to take photos or even film are having a hard time. In this blog post today we tell you how the phone camera lenses work and how they will simplify your work.

Ideally there are 3 types of phone lenses, most of the time they come in one kit. The kit we have currently includes the following:

  1. Fish-eye lens
  2. Wide angle lens
  3. Macro lens.

The Macro Lens

A macro lens attachment will simply allow you to get closer to your subject, sometimes closer than a distance of one inch. Macro photography can be a lot of fun and literally opens a new world of possibilities for photography when using your mobile phone. Also, remember that when you are quite close, even slightest camera or subject movement is exaggerated and one can end up with blurry pictures. If you can manage to get as much light on your subject as you can, then your macro photos will come out much sharper.

Image taken with the macro lens


The Wide Angle Lens

Remember those high school days, when in physics class we were taught about how the shorter the focal length, the wider the field of view, the more stuff you can fit in your frame? I didn’t really like physics, so I didn’t pay much attention to it.

The wide angle lenses are perfect for photography because they allow you to literally expand your point of view without using a DSLR Camera.  With this type of lens you no longer have to struggle fitting all your subjects into one field of vision.

Image taken with wide angle lens 


The  Fish-eye

The fish-eye lens works perfectly with both iPhone and android devices. It allows you to take up close photos. Its wide angle and macro lens on the other hand enhance your camera reach in angle and distance. You can take pictures from as close as 0.4 inches without suffering distortions.



Q1. Can the lens be used for front facing camera?

A1. Yes, it can be used for both on front facing and rear facing camera on your phone?

Q2. Is the lens clip going to damage the mobile phone?

A2. The presence of the rubber clips; provides protection from your phone getting a scratch.

Q3. Why the flash light stopped working when lens is used?

A3. The lens diameter is bigger than the cell phone camera, when you clip the lens on it; it will block the flash light.



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Origin of Tripods

Origin of Tripods

Have you ever wondered where these 3 legged stands that make our work much easier came from? It’s something I have been wondering about for quite a while. While there are many different types of tripods, before the emergence of different varieties of tripods, there was just one which led to the imitation of tripods.

The word is derived from Greek word “tripous”, meaning “three feet”. A tripod stand has three legs. Let’s start by defining what a tripod is. A tripod is a 3 legged frame or stand, used as a platform for supporting the weight and maintaining the stability of some other object like your smartphone or camera.  A tripod provides stability against downward forces and horizontal forces. The positioning of the three legs away from the vertical center allows the tripod better leverage for resisting lateral forces.

Tripods are used for both motion and still photography to prevent camera movement and provide stability. We are now witnessing a dawn where content creators no longer need a professional camera to film or record, they are no making good use of their smartphones to take photos and even do content for their videos that they market on social media.

A tripod is also helpful in achieving precise framing of the image, or when more than one image is being made of the same scene. Use of a tripod may also allow for a more thoughtful approach to photography. For these reasons, a tripod of some sort is often necessary for professional photography. In relation to film/video, use of the tripod offers stability within a shot as well as certain desired heights.

The modern sturdy, but portable, tripod stand with three leg pairs hinged to a triangular metal head was invented and first manufactured for sale by Sir Francis Ronald’s in the late 1820s in Croydon. He sold 140 of the stands in the decade 1830-1840 and his design was soon imitated by others.

With the emergence of technology it has brought about different types of tripods that include mini-tripods, flexible tripods and even extendable tripods that can be used with both cameras and phones and this has made things easy because one can even carry around the tripod because they are not heavy and are easily portable as well as very affordable.

There is a wide variety of tripods such that some of them are actually tripods and also selfie sticks, making them the ideal equipment that one should have.


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The CDI Studios: What’s in store for you?

The CDI Studios: What’s in store for you?

When someone mentions the word “studio” what comes to your mind at first? Well the Cambridge dictionary defines the word studio as: a room with special equipment where television or radio programs or music recordings are made. It also defines a studio as a building or place where films are made or a company that makes them. What does a studio mean to you? For some of us, it might be a studio is a place where professional photos are taken of models, or family’s or even passport photos. Everyone understands the term in different ways and in whichever way you understand the term, at CDI we want to change the meaning. We believe that a studio is a place where stories are made and stories are told.

CDI studios is a “jack of all traits” if so to speak. The main purpose of us coming up with the studio was all in a bid to give story tellers a platform to tell their stories, whether using photos, using art, using vlogs, using short clips, expressing themselves in different topics, telling their stories in the way they know best. The CDI studios will therefore be used for the following purposes:

  1. Vlogs

YouTube as a platform has really developed in our country as we continue to witness different “vloggers” and “Youtubers” creating content on this platform on a day to day basis. These Youtubers normally discuss different topics including societal matters, some of them have learnt to use this platform specifically for what they like doing as a hobby or as a passion for instance makeup artists, travel vloggers, food vloggers and so on. In essence the CDI studios will be open for these creatives to use when they have make up tutorials to film and even when they have panel discussions on certain matters.

  1. Filmmakers

When we attended the Gala Awards of at the Kenya Cultural Center we had no idea that people would be able to film using their mobile phones up until these young artists proved us wrong and they shot films using just their mobile phones and since we have gadgets that one can use to film using their mobile phones, why not incorporate these filmmakers to use our studios to film? I think that’s what they mean when they talk about nurturing talent, don’t you think?

  1. Panel discussions

We are living in a society where we don’t like addressing some issues just because it is against our “culture” to talk about them. For instance how come when one of us is affected with HIV/AIDS we go around whispering behind that person’s back? We talk about stigmatization being of the major challenges that affect individuals with HIV when we are the ones stigmatizing them. How about when we teach our young girls to use family planning methods in fear of early pregnancies and at the same time we forget they could contract sexually transmitted diseases even with family planning? Or when we go around “yapping” about mental health and we have no idea really what mental health is all about? We have no idea what is going on in our friends or family’s lives? These are just some of the topics that the CDI studios will talk about and of course not just talk about but also bring on board experts who will advise if not find solutions to some of these problems.

  1. Podcasts

What is a podcast? Please, please, please, don’t join the bandwagon of just saying I was listening to a podcast. You must first understand what a podcast is and what goes into creating one. A podcast, or generically netcast, is an episodic series of digital audio or video files which a user can download and listen to. It is often available for subscription, so that new episodes are automatically downloaded via web syndication to the user’s own local computer, mobile application, or portable media player. Different topics will be discussed in the podcasts.

  1. Photography

A photo speaks 1000 words. Photos can tell a story; therefore the right photo can speak volumes. I dare ask have you ever seen such a nice ph

oto such that you were convinced to even buy a product just by the picture you saw. That’s the power of photography.  In the CDI studios we will have product photography which means that if you have products and you need to take really good images for your products then our studios are always open for you to do that.

Aside from product photography we also have photo shoot sessions for those of us who are “Photogenic” and would like to take awesome photos and share them on social media or those models who would like to create a portfolio that speaks volumes, then CDI studios is the place for you.

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Vlogging /Video Blogging for Beginners

Vlogging /Video Blogging for Beginners

Vlogging, video blogging or some even call it “You-tubing” is becoming popular by the day more so in Kenya. While many who have not ventured into that field think that it is an easy task, well they have got it all wrong. Some may think that it brings you overnight success, but to their shock it doesn’t work like that, it actually takes a lot of time and effort to make it work.

There are basic equipment’s that you may need to make a vlog or a YouTube video, basically before throwing yourself in the lion’s den, it is important to ensure you have the basics. While watching Brenny Lee who is a You Tuber based in London she says it took her 6 years to get a subscription of about 90,000. She testifies that this didn’t happen overnight and she had to make sure she had good content, consistency and she focused on hair review which is something that she is good at. Some key factors that may make one loose subscribers include things like poor video quality as well as bad audio because no one wants to struggle to listen to bad audio.

Therefore if you are a content creator and would like to start a YouTube channel, what are some of the requirements?

  1. A camera or smartphone

As a beginner some of us don’t have the finances to get a good quality camera, now, what most of the beginners don’t know is that they can actually use their phones to record a good video and at the same time have killer audio. Most of the video bloggers started out using their phones before they got the chance to advance and get a camera. Your smartphone can work perfectly when recording or shooting a video.

  1. A microphone

I have to put it out there, you can’t and I repeat you can’t rely on your phone or camera’s internal microphone at times. It has proved to let people down multiple times. A good investment is in a microphone of course depending on the nature of the videos that you would like to record. A lapel microphone can come in handy when probably doing an interview or when you want clarity. A shotgun microphone would also work perfectly when recording, of course with a wind cover on the microphone; you would be able to record even from outside. When all is said and done good audio is key when recording.

  1. Lights

I recall a time when a friend of mine unsubscribed from a channel just because the video was dark. Lighting is very important when filming, however for a beginner you don’t want your lighting to be fancy, you just need it to be effective. The main goal here is to make yourself the focus of the viewers and to kill the shadows on your face. While you could rely on the natural lighting in your room, I would suggest for a more professional look you could have ring lights or LED lights to ensure your videos look good.

  1. Backdrop

If you want your YouTube channel to grow or to get more subscribers then you have to make your videos look good because as humans generally we are visual. A backdrop could be a good investment depending on the topic discussed on your channel. If you are talking about travel then you don’t necessarily need a backdrop, however if you are talking about make up then a backdrop might come in handy.

  1. Editing software

There are different types of editing software that you can use, which include Sony Vegas, Adobe Premier pro or even Wonder share Filmora. You will need to edit your videos to ensure you have some effects on the videos and to cut some parts of the video that you don’t need. Editing is also important when you would like to add bloopers to your video.

  1. Support

Support here means equipment that will help hold your phone or camera when filming. I have heard of many vloggers who were just starting out and had to put their phone on a stack of books or on a chair so that they can support the phone when filming. You shouldn’t have to do that when you can get different tripods to help hold your phone or camera.

All in all, these are just some of the basics that any beginner would need to start a YouTube channel. We are not saying it’s all you will need but it is some of the necessities. To get some of these equipment’s look no further than cdi gadgets!


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Content creation on YouTube just got easier

Did you know that YouTube was started as a dating site and the 1st ever video to be uploaded on YouTube was a casual video of Jawed Karim’s (co-founder of YouTube) visit  to a zoo in San Diego and it garnered about 4,282,497 views, the video went online on 23rd April 2005.  According to

Interesting facts about YouTube

  1. Kenyans watch at least 83% foreign content leaving Kenyan YouTubers with only 17%
  2. The total number of people who use YouTube is 1,300,000,000
  3. 300 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute
  4. Almost 5 billion videos are watched on YouTube every single day
  5. YouTube has 1 billion active users each month

YouTube is one of the most visited sites on the online platforms with Kenyans using YouTube as one of the platforms to put up their content. The most interesting thing about YouTube is how diverse content on that platform is. YouTubers have a way of talking about different things and they will always get subscribers. In Kenya for example, there are different YouTubers who talk about different topics for example relationships, product reviews, travel Vlogs, food Vlogs, and make up tutorials among many more. In previous times we had no idea how to use YouTube and even how to create a YouTube channel.

This has changed as we are witnessing a genesis where majority of companies and even sole proprietors are turning to YouTube to even market their products. This has come about with advancement in technology where easy to use accessories are now in the market and one can even take photos or film using our mobile phones.

Creating content on YouTube is much easier with gadgets like tripods, lavalier lapel microphones; stabilizers like the C stabilizer, video rig and even the dolly slider have all come into play when filming. The use of such equipment is important because it helps provide stable shots when either taking photos or videos. Using such equipment especially when creating content for YouTube is important because it is a visual platform and with poor video or sound quality then getting people to subscribe to your channel will be a “dream”.

We are at a time where you don’t really need a camera to record videos or take photos, this is because your smartphone is a whole studio in itself and you just need the right equipment to film. With the video rig it is much easier for you to get stable shots and clearly film since you can even attach a microphone (whether a lapel microphone or a shot gun mic) as well as lights and record using your mobile phone. These new equipment’s and advancements in technology have made content creation one of the simplest things to do.

Majority of us even spend much of our time watching funny clips, music videos and even educational stuff on YouTube. We can tell you for a fact creating content on YouTube has just become easier with our affordable and awesome gadgets!

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Smartphones are changing the game.

Smartphones are changing the game.    

We recently got to attend an event that was organized by the Kenya Film Commission at the Kenya Cultural Center. This event was purposed to award the winners of a campaign they had launched that brought filmmakers from all over to submit short films that they had shot using a mobile phone. Interesting right? Even we would have never thought that films would be shot by mobile phones. Long story short, it was a great revelation. During the event it was evident that smartphones are replacing cameras to some extent.

This might not be common knowledge to everyone but smartphones are changing the filming industry and also the digital industry. The Kenyan digital industry is changing day by day; this has come about with the advancement of digital platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and the most recent Instagram TV. These platforms have made content creators like bloggers, vloggers and even filmmakers have a stage to showcase their talent. It is evident that during these times they use their mobile phones to film and record these videos and images.

Recent statistics show that Kenyans watch at least 17% of local YouTube content while the remaining 83% of content is foreign content. The youth in Kenya are now turning to these online platforms to even make a living out of it. It is apparent that the growth of these social media networks has made brands sell their products and create brand awareness for their organizations. While many may not know, our mobile phones are studios in themselves; with the right accessories you can easily film a quality video that is stable enough and have good sound quality.

These accessories include accessories like lapel microphones, a variety of tripods, videos rigs and phone rigs that make filming quite easy for vloggers, bloggers and even filmmakers. They make recording so much easier and give videos stability. Mobile phones are really changing the game, majority of us no longer need professional cameras but use our mobile phones whether it is to film or even take photos.

Just the right accessories can give you the best results in recording videos and taking photos.

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Content Creation just got easier

Digital platforms have made it easier for us to market and advertise our products and services on social platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. While this is a concept that has been there for a while now, many of us don’t have the right tools to create content that they can use to upload their content on social media.

With advancement in technology, we have witnessed a dawn where many content creators have figured out easy to use equipment’s that has made their work easier.

What is content creation and who are content creators? Content creation is the contribution of information to any media but most especially to digital media for a targeted audience or for an end user.

Content creators could be Digital Marketing experts, Photographers, Bloggers, Vloggers, and Graphic Designers among many more.

In previous times creating content was a big challenge, one of the reasons being that the equipment to maybe do a vlog or blog was quite costly and also bulky. This has all come to be a thing of the past with modern equipment like tripods, lights, microphones and stabilizers coming into the market to make work much easier.


With different types of tripods, from mini tripods to 50” tripods there is a variety to choose from depending on your preference. This has made work for the content creators much easier since you can even create content from the comfort of your home, in a restaurant, while walking on the street without your video being shaky or having poor sound quality. The best part of it all is that you can create content using your phone and it has worked perfectly for most of us. Try it today!


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Plastics are a threat to our Environment

According to the gazette notice No. 2334 of 14th March 2017, all plastic carrier bags regardless of their thickness or color used as secondary packages are banned with effect from 28th August 2017. This was a step towards the right direction that was made by the Kenyan government together with the National Environment Management Authority (NEMA).

The ban on plastic bags was one that saw major changes among many business and companies in Kenya and manufacturers argued that the ban could lead to the loss of about 80,000 jobs in the country. While Kenya is just one among many other African countries that has outlawed plastic carrier bags, the government insists it is a move aimed at helping in protection of the environment.

As this comes in, a group of youth in Nakuru has since come up with a campaign dubbed I Support Ban Plastics to help with the plastics ban. The campaign was initiated by James Waikibia and he brought on board a group to help out. The campaign mainly deals with conserving the environment and protecting it from plastics which ideally harms the environment. The group does clean up exercises in the national parks which have since witnessed pollution and is now becoming a concern.

According to NEMA over 24 million plastic bags are used monthly in Kenya, half of which end up in the solid waste mainstream. The UN environment estimates that 100 million plastic bags are handed out every year in Kenya in supermarkets only. These plastic bags are then poorly disposed on the roadsides and the worst part is they are even getting to our national parks which is what I Support Ban Plastics aims at rectifying. During this year’s clean up exercise, the team together with the Military and the Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) came together to conserve our environment and managed to clean up the rivers and the park.

While many may argue that the ban on plastic bags has led to the loss of jobs among many Kenyans, plastics on the other hand are really destroying our environment. Anyone in Kenya found selling, manufacturing or carrying them around could face fines or prison sentences.

Let us conserve and preserve our environment for future generations.

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Advantages of a Slider

Advantages of a camera slider

Have you wondered how modern day film makers and vloggers make all these amazing documentaries, stories and films? You might be amazed by how simple their work is. The kind of equipment and accessories that they use is actually what makes their work easier. Film makers want accessories that are easy to use and portable.

The dolly slider is one of those accessories that are a must have for any story teller and this is why majority of them are using the dolly slider.

  1. Smoothness

While the slider can move fast when filming, it can move equally slow. It allows for smooth shots and smooth transitions when shooting.  You don’t have to keep moving the tripod around or even have doubts about the stability of your video.

  1. Portable and easy to use

The dolly slider is easily portable and one can carry around at any given time thus making it is easy for you move around with. The process of setting it up is quite easy and makes it fun to shoot with.

  1. Stability

A dolly slider is not like a video rig or a C-rig, while both depend on how stable you can hold the stabilizer, well for the dolly slider you don’t really have to rely on the stability of your hands, the slider, just as the name suggests gives you the power to move your phone or camera without compromising on the stability of your video when recording.

  1. Affordability

While majority of these accessories are expensive, the slider beats the odds, it is not expensive and is affordable which makes it the ideal tool to use when recording.

  1. Easy set-up

As mentioned above, it is an easy tool to use and one has the option of setting up with a tripod which gives it even more stability, whether it is a mini tripod or a large tripod.


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Essential Blogging and Vlogging Accessories

Essential Blogging and Vlogging Accessories

There are so many ways to tell our stories, 2 of the most common ways being: using a narrative (A written story) or using a video or photo. Well, cdi gadgets has got you covered with tripods, lights and microphones that help make your photos stable enough when using photos on your blog or when shooting a video for your vlog. Let’s talk about the necessary accessories that each and every blogger/vlogger should have:

  1. Tripods

It is funny how we struggle to watch a shaky video or try to make out what is in a blurry photo. If you are streaming a video from your desk or from an angle that you can’t really allow you to hold your phone as you film, then a tripod is an ideal investment for you.

A tripod can come in handy when taking super awesome photos for your blog; it gives you a stable shot. It is even more convenient when using a mini tripod because it is not bulky and is easy to carry around.

  1. A phone mount

We are living in a dawn where most people don’t use professional cameras anymore but use smartphones as their cameras. A phone mount is an essential accessory when it comes to filming using a tripod and your phone. It allows for one to stabilize their phone when shooting.

  1. Lights

Lighting is a crucial part of filming any video or taking a good photo, any blogger, vlogger or photographer knows the importance of having good lights to take a photo or shoot a video.

  1. Microphone

There is no need to improvise anymore on ensuring the sound quality of your video is the best.  A Lapel microphone is just what you need to ensure your sound quality is the best. It helps amplify the sound of the video and it also comes with wind covers which helps in ensuring that the sound quality is not compromised.

  1. Bluetooth remote control

It is really annoying when you have to keep moving through your recording to maybe start or stop your video. That doesn’t have to happen anymore with the Bluetooth remote control. This means that with just the click of a button you can start and stop your video without having to move around.

All these accessories are necessary for anyone who knows the importance of content creation. You might be asking yourself if they are a worthy investment and yes they are a worthy investment for ensuring the quality of your content is the best.

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