Casey Neistat Vlogging Gear/Alternatives you can get Locally



Casey Neistat’s Vlogs have been gaining a lot of popularity lately because of his great cinematography skills and a lot of people are wondering what type of Accessories is he using to make his videos look so good. So the following Pics show Accessories he uses and you can get Locally.

However depending on the situation, especially when he is running in the morning Casey prefers to use his cell phone to record the video. Plus he keeps a point-and-shoot camera or GoPro in his backpack in case If he doesn’t have the big camera with him, because the point-and-shoot is a little bit more dynamic than just the cell phone.

Here are The Accessories he use with DSLR ,Gopro or Cell Phone:

1.Extendable Monopod

Extended Height: 42cm-125cm
Maximum Load:  (1.5kg)

Price: Click here to find the latest price







2.JOBY Alternative/UFO-Flexible



3. 56” JMARY Tripod

Collapsed Height: –
Extended Height: 56 inches
Maximum Load: 3kg’s
Price: Click here to find the latest price

Jmary 56” Tripod




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