Content creation on YouTube just got easier

Did you know that YouTube was started as a dating site and the 1st ever video to be uploaded on YouTube was a casual video of Jawed Karim’s (co-founder of YouTube) visit  to a zoo in San Diego and it garnered about 4,282,497 views, the video went online on 23rd April 2005.  According to

Interesting facts about YouTube

  1. Kenyans watch at least 83% foreign content leaving Kenyan YouTubers with only 17%
  2. The total number of people who use YouTube is 1,300,000,000
  3. 300 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute
  4. Almost 5 billion videos are watched on YouTube every single day
  5. YouTube has 1 billion active users each month

YouTube is one of the most visited sites on the online platforms with Kenyans using YouTube as one of the platforms to put up their content. The most interesting thing about YouTube is how diverse content on that platform is. YouTubers have a way of talking about different things and they will always get subscribers. In Kenya for example, there are different YouTubers who talk about different topics for example relationships, product reviews, travel Vlogs, food Vlogs, and make up tutorials among many more. In previous times we had no idea how to use YouTube and even how to create a YouTube channel.

This has changed as we are witnessing a genesis where majority of companies and even sole proprietors are turning to YouTube to even market their products. This has come about with advancement in technology where easy to use accessories are now in the market and one can even take photos or film using our mobile phones.

Creating content on YouTube is much easier with gadgets like tripods, lavalier lapel microphones; stabilizers like the C stabilizer, video rig and even the dolly slider have all come into play when filming. The use of such equipment is important because it helps provide stable shots when either taking photos or videos. Using such equipment especially when creating content for YouTube is important because it is a visual platform and with poor video or sound quality then getting people to subscribe to your channel will be a “dream”.

We are at a time where you don’t really need a camera to record videos or take photos, this is because your smartphone is a whole studio in itself and you just need the right equipment to film. With the video rig it is much easier for you to get stable shots and clearly film since you can even attach a microphone (whether a lapel microphone or a shot gun mic) as well as lights and record using your mobile phone. These new equipment’s and advancements in technology have made content creation one of the simplest things to do.

Majority of us even spend much of our time watching funny clips, music videos and even educational stuff on YouTube. We can tell you for a fact creating content on YouTube has just become easier with our affordable and awesome gadgets!

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