Important Tips on How to become a successful vlogger in Kenya(Part 1)

Successful vlogging is not an accident, learning the do’s and don’ts when it comes to planning, preparation, equipment, location, camera presence, light, audio and stability all go towards creating an appealing video for your viewers.

In the last article, I talked about how to start out as a vlogger in Kenya, I mentioned that shooting a topic that you are passionate about will launch your vlog. In this article I will share time tested tips that will help take your vlogging to the next level. 

Before proceeding, here is an all time important tip: Choose your Location carefully, your message will determine where you should shoot. It might be a studio shoot, street shoots, living room shoot, a bedroom,open ground, park, garden or wild place  make sure your location is consistent with your message.  

  1. Vlogging Equipment and tools

Equipment is vital to successful vlogging.and doesn’t need to be expensive, Your smartphone is the first basic equipment, just make sure it has enough memory space.  

  • Smartphone

A few years back, producing a video was the exclusive domain of professionals,  without an expensive camcorder you couldn’t shoot a video. Fast forward to today,  armed with just your smartphone,you can shoot better video than you ever could with a camcorder.

The first equipment for your vlog is a smartphone, it should have a big memory. video fill up your memory faster than you can imagine. Buy several additional Memory cards, these will  help pack more footage in your smartphone. 

  • Tripod

When shooting a vlog you need to stabilize your smartphone, have you seen interesting shaky videos that suck because they are all shaky?

A good tripod will erase camera shakes from your video, this extremely important if you are shooting a walking video.  There are many types of pocket friendly tripods that will hold your smartphone steadily as you shoot that amazing vlog.

You may also consider buying a gimbal, a handheld device that can rotate on a 360 degree axis. A motorized gimbal will help you to shoot your video from different angles.

  • Audio Mics

Smartphones have an inbuilt Mic. The downside to an inbuilt Mic is that it’s unreliable and cannot capture clear audio. Wearing A lavalier or lapel mic will take your audio to a professional level.

  • Light

When starting out you simply need to learn how to manipulate  light to your advantage like professionals do. However, consider buying artificial lights  if your vlog shots are indoors or in a darkened room.

  • Background/Location

Background is important to your brand identity,carefully select your background, for example if you are shooting in the streets choose a background that doesn’t distract your viewer. Background movement, will always distract your viewer.

Still shoots are the easiest you can use a wall as a background and if you want to have a brand colour you may decide to background paper or a coloured piece of cloth, if all you want is a natural background then find a quiet spot in the park, forest, or field and do your thing.

  1. Know your Topic

Research, research, and research some more, I cannot emphasize enough how much research you should carry out to acquaint yourself with your topic. 

Having an insider’s knowledge of your topic will boost your confidence, you will project this confidence in your video shoots. Here is how you should carry out your research:

  • Research about your Topic

Conduct a thorough online research of your topic.  Is your topic about stay at home moms, or is it about beauty? It doesn’t whether it’s about your favourite recipes, or pet, you better research.  

Research to know what others say about the topic, research to increase your level of knowledge on the subject, watch other videos in your genre. Read online articles, eBook and PDF downloads.

Research to identify knowledge gaps. What is it that your audience is looking for but seems to be missing from your research? 

  • Research your audience

Research about your audience, who are they, are they young middle age or old, are they male or female, are they employed, self employed freelancing or in school, where do they hang out? How will you share your content with them?

  • Research on how to deliver your message

What language does your audience speak? What will catch their attention? Is it your language, your character, your style or your video background?  

This is the first article of a two part series on Important Tips of becoming a successful vlogger in Kenya. In the next part you will learn; how to speak naturally, develop your own unique brand sharpen your vlogging skills, and take off as a vlogger!

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