The Mobile Journalism Revolution

The Rise of Mobile Journalism

Along with advances in mobile gear and technology, the intense demand for online content has created opportunities for professional and amateur journalists everywhere. Here’s why:


Large crews and heavy equipment aren’t required. Gear small enough to fit into a backpack lets journalists get into tight spaces without attracting a lot of attention, whether it’s a fracas at a local school board meeting or a war zone.

Cost Savings

A tricked-out mobile journalism rig can be assembled for less than 15000/= Compare that to the cost of the gear, the satellite truck and the staff required for a typical person-on-the street television news story.

Jmary 50” Tripod


Most all smartphones offer 4K or ultra-high definition video, the new benchmark for recording and watching video. A broad spectrum of recording, camera control and editing apps specifically designed for iOS & Android devices allows mobile videos to achieve a pro quality level.


One of the benefits of mobile technology is the ability to shoot, record, edit, share and transmit broadcast-ready stories directly to the newsroom. An experienced mobile reporter can do it all.

Live Streaming

Mobile phone technology was built for live streaming. That’s a bonus for a newsroom’s live broadcasts, website and social media presence.








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