Origin of Tripods

Origin of Tripods

Have you ever wondered where these 3 legged stands that make our work much easier came from? It’s something I have been wondering about for quite a while. While there are many different types of tripods, before the emergence of different varieties of tripods, there was just one which led to the imitation of tripods.

The word is derived from Greek word “tripous”, meaning “three feet”. A tripod stand has three legs. Let’s start by defining what a tripod is. A tripod is a 3 legged frame or stand, used as a platform for supporting the weight and maintaining the stability of some other object like your smartphone or camera.  A tripod provides stability against downward forces and horizontal forces. The positioning of the three legs away from the vertical center allows the tripod better leverage for resisting lateral forces.

Tripods are used for both motion and still photography to prevent camera movement and provide stability. We are now witnessing a dawn where content creators no longer need a professional camera to film or record, they are no making good use of their smartphones to take photos and even do content for their videos that they market on social media.

A tripod is also helpful in achieving precise framing of the image, or when more than one image is being made of the same scene. Use of a tripod may also allow for a more thoughtful approach to photography. For these reasons, a tripod of some sort is often necessary for professional photography. In relation to film/video, use of the tripod offers stability within a shot as well as certain desired heights.

The modern sturdy, but portable, tripod stand with three leg pairs hinged to a triangular metal head was invented and first manufactured for sale by Sir Francis Ronald’s in the late 1820s in Croydon. He sold 140 of the stands in the decade 1830-1840 and his design was soon imitated by others.

With the emergence of technology it has brought about different types of tripods that include mini-tripods, flexible tripods and even extendable tripods that can be used with both cameras and phones and this has made things easy because one can even carry around the tripod because they are not heavy and are easily portable as well as very affordable.

There is a wide variety of tripods such that some of them are actually tripods and also selfie sticks, making them the ideal equipment that one should have.


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