Phone Camera Lens

Phone Camera Lens

As I was doing research on how the phone camera lenses work, I realized that many of us don’t know or are having a hard time figuring out how to use the phone camera lenses. Many of these mobile phone accessories hardly make sense and this is why some of us who are enthusiastic about using our mobile phones to take photos or even film are having a hard time. In this blog post today we tell you how the phone camera lenses work and how they will simplify your work.

Ideally there are 3 types of phone lenses, most of the time they come in one kit. The kit we have currently includes the following:

  1. Fish-eye lens
  2. Wide angle lens
  3. Macro lens.

The Macro Lens

A macro lens attachment will simply allow you to get closer to your subject, sometimes closer than a distance of one inch. Macro photography can be a lot of fun and literally opens a new world of possibilities for photography when using your mobile phone. Also, remember that when you are quite close, even slightest camera or subject movement is exaggerated and one can end up with blurry pictures. If you can manage to get as much light on your subject as you can, then your macro photos will come out much sharper.

Image taken with the macro lens


The Wide Angle Lens

Remember those high school days, when in physics class we were taught about how the shorter the focal length, the wider the field of view, the more stuff you can fit in your frame? I didn’t really like physics, so I didn’t pay much attention to it.

The wide angle lenses are perfect for photography because they allow you to literally expand your point of view without using a DSLR Camera.  With this type of lens you no longer have to struggle fitting all your subjects into one field of vision.

Image taken with wide angle lens 


The  Fish-eye

The fish-eye lens works perfectly with both iPhone and android devices. It allows you to take up close photos. Its wide angle and macro lens on the other hand enhance your camera reach in angle and distance. You can take pictures from as close as 0.4 inches without suffering distortions.



Q1. Can the lens be used for front facing camera?

A1. Yes, it can be used for both on front facing and rear facing camera on your phone?

Q2. Is the lens clip going to damage the mobile phone?

A2. The presence of the rubber clips; provides protection from your phone getting a scratch.

Q3. Why the flash light stopped working when lens is used?

A3. The lens diameter is bigger than the cell phone camera, when you clip the lens on it; it will block the flash light.



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