The First-Timer’s Marathon Training Plan

Conquer your first 42.2 with this plan that uses a gradual build-up, speedwork, and goal-paced runs to get you fit – and safely across the finish line.

Have Your Best First!

Practise everything
Wear the shoes and clothing in your long runs that you plan to wear on your big day. Sip the sports drink to be served on the course, and take gels and other fuel at the same intervals you will during your 42.2-K.

Dress light
On long runs and on race day, avoid the urge to overdress. Bundling up can cause you to overheat and get dehydrated; plus, you’ll have to carry those extra layers a long way. You should feel slightly cool for the first kilometre or two.

Start slowly

On race day, first-timers often get caught up in the excitement, go out too fast, and burn out. Run the first half conservatively – you should feel as if you’re running too slowly. Focus on keeping your breathing relaxed.

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