How To Use a Tripod To Make Great Video

As you grow into a serious vlogger a tripod will become an essential piece of equipment. You can get by for a long time setting your camera up on a stack of books, or an upside-down laundry hamper, but not forever. While these setups are great for a beginner, an intermediate vlogger will start to find them limiting. Even if you are an amazingly creative person who can create any camera/Phone setup without a tripod there will come a point where you will decide your creative energy is better spent on your video content.

This article will explain how to use a tripod .


STEP 1-Make sure when you are setting up your tripod that you point one of its legs towards your subject. This will give you room to stand behind your camera, in-between the other two legs. If you have one leg pointed directly behind your camera then you may trip over it. Or, you may knock over and damage your camera.


Step 2 – On the top of your tripod there will be a plate with a small hole and a screw. Remove this plate using either a clip or lever, depending on your tripod. Once your plate is detached screw it into the bottom of your camera. It should be tight, but not too tight or you risk damaging your camera/Phone Mount.


Step 3 – Attach your plate, which now has your camera mounted to it, back onto your tripod.


Your tripod comes with a ‘head’. Your tripod’s head is what your camera/Phone is mounted on top of. There are several different types of tripod heads and mounts which are all useful for different things.


Have Fantastic shooting session…


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