Vlogging /Video Blogging for Beginners

Vlogging /Video Blogging for Beginners

Vlogging, video blogging or some even call it “You-tubing” is becoming popular by the day more so in Kenya. While many who have not ventured into that field think that it is an easy task, well they have got it all wrong. Some may think that it brings you overnight success, but to their shock it doesn’t work like that, it actually takes a lot of time and effort to make it work.

There are basic equipment’s that you may need to make a vlog or a YouTube video, basically before throwing yourself in the lion’s den, it is important to ensure you have the basics. While watching Brenny Lee who is a You Tuber based in London she says it took her 6 years to get a subscription of about 90,000. She testifies that this didn’t happen overnight and she had to make sure she had good content, consistency and she focused on hair review which is something that she is good at. Some key factors that may make one loose subscribers include things like poor video quality as well as bad audio because no one wants to struggle to listen to bad audio.

Therefore if you are a content creator and would like to start a YouTube channel, what are some of the requirements?

  1. A camera or smartphone

As a beginner some of us don’t have the finances to get a good quality camera, now, what most of the beginners don’t know is that they can actually use their phones to record a good video and at the same time have killer audio. Most of the video bloggers started out using their phones before they got the chance to advance and get a camera. Your smartphone can work perfectly when recording or shooting a video.

  1. A microphone

I have to put it out there, you can’t and I repeat you can’t rely on your phone or camera’s internal microphone at times. It has proved to let people down multiple times. A good investment is in a microphone of course depending on the nature of the videos that you would like to record. A lapel microphone can come in handy when probably doing an interview or when you want clarity. A shotgun microphone would also work perfectly when recording, of course with a wind cover on the microphone; you would be able to record even from outside. When all is said and done good audio is key when recording.

  1. Lights

I recall a time when a friend of mine unsubscribed from a channel just because the video was dark. Lighting is very important when filming, however for a beginner you don’t want your lighting to be fancy, you just need it to be effective. The main goal here is to make yourself the focus of the viewers and to kill the shadows on your face. While you could rely on the natural lighting in your room, I would suggest for a more professional look you could have ring lights or LED lights to ensure your videos look good.

  1. Backdrop

If you want your YouTube channel to grow or to get more subscribers then you have to make your videos look good because as humans generally we are visual. A backdrop could be a good investment depending on the topic discussed on your channel. If you are talking about travel then you don’t necessarily need a backdrop, however if you are talking about make up then a backdrop might come in handy.

  1. Editing software

There are different types of editing software that you can use, which include Sony Vegas, Adobe Premier pro or even Wonder share Filmora. You will need to edit your videos to ensure you have some effects on the videos and to cut some parts of the video that you don’t need. Editing is also important when you would like to add bloopers to your video.

  1. Support

Support here means equipment that will help hold your phone or camera when filming. I have heard of many vloggers who were just starting out and had to put their phone on a stack of books or on a chair so that they can support the phone when filming. You shouldn’t have to do that when you can get different tripods to help hold your phone or camera.

All in all, these are just some of the basics that any beginner would need to start a YouTube channel. We are not saying it’s all you will need but it is some of the necessities. To get some of these equipment’s look no further than cdi gadgets!


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